Budding Muscians Club(BMC)

 ‘My playing has progressed on keyboards really well.’

'Everything here, all the music, is amazing.’

‘Very good to learn about the possibility of my child using any spare time to practise at the rooms in MMC for free. Thank you.’

‘My child enjoys learning to play the guitar. He has made new friends.’


Aspiring Young Musicans Students (AYM)

‘I learnt more about music production. I feel much more confident about producing music and am proud of the music I have made.’

‘I have learnt new programmes for music and how to use them and I felt very confident about it.’‘I feel that I have become a lot more confident in my poetry and in myself, and have truly found my own style.’

'Definitely coming again!’


Cre8tiv® Choir Participants


‘Been coming for years – will continue to come – love it!’

‘Always great fun! Thank you Rachel.’


Cre8tiv® Music Production Students

‘Enjoyed the course immensely. Has given me new tools for creativity and production.'

'Feel confident with the basics of Ableton and inspired to work with this programme. Brilliant for creativity. Enjoyed the course immensely.'

'Has given me new tools for creativity and production.’

‘I achieved far more than I thought possible.’


Cre8tiv® Keyboards for Songwriting Students

 ‘I have learned more than I expected.'


Music Explosion Sessions

‘I am glad to be here because I learned new information about the music industry.’

‘A great opportunity to connect with industry experts in a friendly environment, who would otherwise be unreachable in this context.’

‘I’ve been to music industry talks at other places but this was more helpful and practical rather than just motivational. Feel like I’ve come away with some concrete ways of actually starting off.’

’ ‘Very useful – humbled by the speakers’ knowledge and experience.’



CICAS® Members

'Gives space to the local community youth and elders to share the power of music. The community is getting bigger and bigger and I am proud to be part of it. Midi is a beautiful place to live'  A. Setondji Spirit